Rather than attempting to keep multiple pages "in-sync" ...
the Walker County High School Classes are listed and are selectable via the window panel (side-bar) on the left.

Please select the desired decade from within the "left side-bar," then select the appropriate year of interest from the resulting list.

The "Class of WCHS" page to which you are directed contains links to various items of interest specific for the selected year.

If available and known, the "Class of" page may contain links to:

  • A Class Photo if one is available for the entire class.
  • The BLACK GOLD YearBook for the year of interest.
    Note that the first year that the Black Gold was published was 1941.
    Prior to that time, there were no Black Gold year books printed.
    If known, the original owner(s), and the current location of the specific yearbook are given.
  • When available, a link is provided to a list of Deceased Classmates.
    Note that in some cases, all or nearly all of the the Classmates for a given year are deceased. If that is the case, no "Deceased List" is generated.

If any item is blank or there are no associated links, then we have not yet located a suitable hard-copy source for that item, or we just have not yet gotten around to processing it.

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