If a classmate passed away on or after 09 October 2023, that person may not appear in the 2023 Reunion Memorial Video. A lot of work goes into producing the Memorial Video for each reunion, and unfortunately, a cut-off date must be specified in order to finish on time. Those classmates who have passed after the cut-off date will appear in the next Memorial Video.

Thank You!

The 2023 Memorial Video will be available online soon after the 2023 Reunion. Information to view the video will be posted here when available.

For each reunion, a Memorial Video has been created by Glenda Crump Black.

Beginning with a Senior Portrait (if available), she colorized each portrait, researched sources for birth date and deceased dates, digitally framed pictures including classmate's name, grad year, birth and death dates, and links that person into the "Find-a-Grave" memorial web site operated by "Ancestry." She also makes an effort to research & link those deceased classmates within their FindAGrave memorials to their family members who predeceased them.

***Previous Memorial Videos are generally not available. (All deceased classmates are included in the current video.)'''

Although we check and double check to be certain that no one gets into the Memorial Video prematurely, mistakes can happen.

If you know that someone has passed away, and that person does not appear on the "DECEASED LIST" for the year in which they graduated (or should have graduated); PLEASE notify the Reunion Coordinator.

Be prepared to provide as many details as possible, such as:

  • a location,
  • that person's name (as known in High School),
  • the year that person graduated (or should have graduated),
  • an obituary,
  • the name and address of the officiating Funeral Home,
  • the name and location of a Cemetery, and
  • anything else that you can provide about that person ...


If you should see a person in the Memorial Video, or that person's name appears on the "DECEASED LIST" for the year they graduated or should have graduated, and you KNOW that person is still with us; PLEASE Notify the Reunion Coordinator immediately!

Thank You!

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